5 Misleading Myths about Vinyl Fencing

The use of vinyl fencing is a means to attain a beautiful enclosure that is strong and durable while being resistant to weathering. And there are so many types of vinyl fences available, that there is surely a style to fit into any budget. These are the more obvious facts about vinyl fencing, but there are some naysayers out there who purport other myths in an attempt to dissuade individuals from purchasing a vinyl fence for their property. We at All Counties Fence and Supply know vinyl fencing well, and wish to dispel some of these rumors so that you can make a more informed decision regarding your fence.

     1. Vinyl Will Fade with Time

It is a common misconception that vinyl fencing fades over time, due to weathering and aging. But this is only the case with cheap, subpar vinyl, which can turn an unsightly yellow color over time. We use only the highest quality vinyl for our fencing, and we can guarantee that it will look as great on day 3,000 as it did on day 1.

     2. Vinyl Fencing isn’t Customizable

Some people like to say that all vinyl fencing looks the same. Wrong! One of the best features of vinyl fencing is its versatility – it can be requested in a variety of colors, styles, and details to suit any personality and property. Most people choose white vinyl fences, but you can choose cream, tan, brown, and combinations, all well as deciding if you want a solid structure or more of a gate-like appearance, with space between posts. The variety is truly endless.

     3. Vinyl Fencing Isn’t Eco-Friendly

This is another common misconception that is simply untrue. It is easy to see why people may believe this, as vinyl is a type of plastic which constitutes chemicals. But quality vinyl fencing, like the type we carry at All County Fence and Gate, does not release chemicals into the atmosphere or soil as the chemicals are self-contained. Also, if you choose vinyl over traditional wood fencing, you are helping to preserve trees. In addition, on the manufacturing side of vinyl fencing, little energy is expelled to create it. This is why vinyl fencing is such a popular choice in modern fencing and gates – it’s environmentally sound.

     4. Vinyl Fences are Weak

Some folks tend to think that vinyl fencing is flimsy and not strong enough to stand for an extended period of time. This is certainly not the case with premium vinyl fencing. The best quality fencing can hold up to strong winds, such as the type we experience often here in the Los Angeles area, as well as heavy snow, which we are lucky to not have to deal with! And unlike metal or wood fencing, vinyl fences do not rust or rot. Overall, vinyl fencing makes for an extremely durable and strong barrier that you need not worry about collapsing or crumbling.

      5. Vinyl Fencing Requires Endless Upkeep

This is another misconception regarding vinyl fencing that couldn’t be further from the truth. For the most part, your vinyl fence can be left as is, and you shouldn’t have to commit much time to keep it looking great. You should only have to worry about giving it an annual cleaning to keep it looking sharp. Simply fill a bucket with warm water and household detergent, and wipe the surface of the fence with a soaked sponge. Spray it clean with a hose, and you are all set.

Hopefully, we have been able to clear up many common misconceptions regarding vinyl fencing. What it all comes down to, is that vinyl fencing is a modern fencing option that looks beautiful and is fully customizable, is strong and will last for ages, is easy to maintain, and is environmentally friendly. So what’s the next step? Come visit us at Professional Grade Fence so we can show you our beautiful array of premium vinyl fencing. You can customize a look that is perfect for your property, and rest assured that this is an investment that will survive the ages.



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