Indoor Gardening For First-Time Gardeners

Indoor Gardens Need Fencing, Too

NASA claims that having plants inside of your house can help remove up to 87% of air toxins in just 24 hours while also improving your environmental impact by up 15%. As homeowners begin to explore the delights of indoor gardening, especially in climates that don’t permit year-round exterior gardens, they also begin to understand the importance of keeping their gardening space safe. Even if you’re not using soil to grow your plants, you still need to protect them from pests, pets and other dangers.

Creating a Personal Plant Sanctuary

From vertical plant walls to hanging gardens, there are numerous interior design trends that incorporate gardening as a theme. While all of these trends work to help homeowners create a personal plant sanctuary, few delve into the actual requirements of tending to an indoor garden. You’ll need to position plants carefully in a way that allows them to receive direct sunlight, which is why it’s often recommended that you do so on an enclosed patio or similar area of your home. If you’re going to invest in equipment such as grow lights, you might as well consider incorporating hydroponics systems into your indoor garden, as these will remove the need for any soil that could get all over your flooring and cause a mess.

Protecting Your Garden and Your Pets

Indoor gardens are great, as evidenced by the numerous health benefits that NASA and other organizations have found. However, few gardeners realize just how important it is to protect their plants from indoor “pests” such as cats, dogs and even toddlers. Offering tips such as wall planters, hanging mason jars and other in-home gardening hacks, these techniques don’t factor in a cat’s ability to jump onto shelves or a toddler’s curiosity when it comes to pulling plants off a wall. It’s therefore incredibly important to consider investing in indoor fencing to keep your garden and your family safe. A simple enclosure around your dedicated gardening area can not only help ensure hands and paws don’t touch something they’re not supposed to, but also that the area looks stylish and unique.

Creating a unique and creative indoor greenhouse can be done with simple fencing solutions that cater to the needs of your space. Indoor gardening is a great way to enhance your living space while improving the air quality. However, you’ll need to ensure it’s properly protected from in-home pests and is safe for all of your family to enjoy.



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