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Palm Bay, FL

Palm Bay is a city in Brevard County, Florida. It is one of Central Florida’s best kept secrets, a hidden gem rich with natural resources enjoyed by those adventurous enough to discover all this area provides. You will see it as you drive along the scenic highway running along the Indian River Lagoon on Florida’s Atlantic coast. The 4-mile stretch of Palm Bay is the gateway to the city and provides residents with many surprises, including elegant dining, scenic waterfront views and unique shopping experiences.

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts relish Palm Bay’s endless summers where they can enjoy championship caliber golf courses, off-road cycling, and running and nature trails that become giant playgrounds for young and old. Palm Bay is highly regarded for its numerous and diverse parks sporting themes from cyclocross and paintball wars to nature preserves and kayaking through the pristine waters of the Turkey Creek Sanctuary. 


Palm Bay is located southeast of Orlando in east Central Florida between Jacksonville and Miami. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 68.8 square miles (178.3 km2), of which 65.7 square miles (170.2 km2) is land and 3.1 square miles (8.1 km2), or 4.56%, is water.

The city is often referred to in four quadrants: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast, each containing multiple zip codes. The most urban area is in Northeast. The most rural area is in Southwest, containing an area called The Compound. This area is home to Bombardier Recreational Products. A small portion of Bayside Lakes lies in the area.

We will always recommend and professionally install the highest grade, longest-lasting and beautiful fencing material of your choice.

Fences do, indeed, make good neighbors. Many homeowners may consider the installation of a fence at some point or another. The following lists some of the most popular reasons to install fencing around your landscape.

Set your boundaries.
Property definition is a major reason to fence your landscape. It
leaves no question as to what features belong to which property owner.
This is important because as time goes by and the property changes
hands, a clear definition of a landscape will only make neighborly
relations better. For example, it will be quite clear who is to prune
which trees and shrubs as well as who is to mow the grass. By leaving
no plant in a gray area, you are able to take responsibility for your
property and let the neighbors be responsible for theirs.

Add beauty to your garden.
Aesthetic reasons make various fencing styles an attractive option for
homeowners. Fences can add a stately formality to an estate. They can
also help define a landscape theme. For example, that white picket
fence adds that traditional charm to rustic country gardens. Or, a
bamboo fence is the perfect accompaniment to a Japanese tea garden or an
Oriental rock garden. Wood, stone, wrought iron – these materials will
add an attractive dimension to your landscape plan.

Safeguard ponds and pools.
If your property contains a water feature like a garden pond or pool,
than fencing is likely a must for safety reasons alone. Children
frequently roam the neighborhood and you wouldn’t want your ornamental
waterlily pond to appear too inviting to young kids looking to cool off.
Some villages may require fencing of swimming pools, and there may be a
discount in sight on your homeowner’s insurance if you take the
precaution of installing a fence. Safety is also a concern if your
garden is known to contain poisonous plantings like foxglove, oleander
or the castor bean plant – in such instances, keeping children out is a

Animal control. Keeping pets in and
keeping other animals out is a top reason to install a fence. You
wouldn’t want your Pomeranian prancing around town and christening your
neighbor’s petunias, for example. Likewise, as long as other dogs run
free, you are likely to find unwanted tokens of their visit if you do
not fence. Fences may also prevent deer or other types of animals from
visiting your garden.

Privacy. Of course,
keeping pets from nosing around is only half as important as keeping
neighbors or strangers from taking a peek if privacy is a concern for
you. Fences help create that border of privacy that can be
indispensable. If you plan to entertain or simply to sunbathe, a
solid-board fence can truly protect your landscape from prying eyes and
afford you to keep your business your own. If you neighbor keeps
commenting about the weeds overtaking your vegetable patch, it might be
time to consider a privacy fence.

Support climbing plants.
Fences also make great supports for climbing plants and vines. For a
small gardening space, they give the gardener more room to grow. As
climbing plants are among the most attractive – consider common jasmine
or golden trumpet flowers – they are likely to be a focal point of the
landscape. They also help to add privacy by covering the fence in a
relatively short amount of time, making a common chain link fence an
attractive feature.

Add lasting value. And, if
none of the above means much to you, perhaps thinking of a fence as an
investment will. A durable and well-built fence may add to the value of
your property. Consider wood or stone in a traditional style. By
investing in a beautiful design with timeless materials, you may
incorporate the costs into your asking price should you plan to sell the

Buying and installing a fence is a good idea for all
these reasons, and you may have your own to add. Choose quality
materials and your fencing is likely to last and perform the functions
you need it too. Installing a fence can be pricey, but if you are
willing to do it yourself, you will likely cut that cost in half.

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